"Race and racism were created, in part, to disrupt our natural inclination to see ourselves in one another. The less you think someone is like you, the harder it is to see yourself in that person, and the harder it is to empathize with their plight."

Who is Ra'Shya?

Ra’Shya Ghee is an attorney, educator, and racial equity expert who’s been engaged in anti-racism work for over 10 years. Her formal education has included courses on civil rights, race, law, & social psychology, critical race theory, and an individualized advanced study on intersectionality. She's also certified in workplace diversity, equity, & inclusion, trauma responsive advocacy, and race and cultural diversity in American life and history. She holds teaching assignments at both the University of Toledo College of Law and The University of Minnesota Law School teaching “Race & American Law”. She also developed a "Racial Equity & Justice Curriculum" for the University of Minnesota Law School. She’s trained universities, law firms, government agencies, and nonprofits in racial competence to rave reviews and overwhelmingly favorable reception. She facilitates workshops, gives lectures, and operationalizes anti-racism commitments for organizations across the US and has been recognized by numerous racial justice organizations for her efforts. She is distinguished in her knack for compelling oration, extensive preparation, and meaningful engagement.