Ra’Shya Ghee is a former trial lawyer with years of experience in the areas of criminal defense and family law in Ohio. Her scholarly expertise focuses on racial inequality. She currently teaches Race and American Law at the University of Toledo College of Law and works as a staff attorney at Advocating Opportunity making racism visible in the anti-trafficking movement. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors and she and her husband have a six-year-old daughter. Learn more here

They made us into a race, we made ourselves into a people.
- Ta-Nehisi Coates


  • Thank you for everything. You are an amazing teacher, I learned so muchI do want you to know that I think you are brilliant too. You are so passionate about this subject and it is an honor to be in your class. I am learning so much.

    Denise K
  • I really enjoyed your class this semester and have arguably learned more through this class than any other while in law school.

    Matt B.
  • This training was worth the whole conference. Very informative, prepared, and concise. Thank you for this conversation.

    Mansi P
  • Ra’Shya!! I didn’t get a chance to say hi and tell you how amazing and dope you are and that panel was amazingThis training needs to be mandatory for all conference participants.

    Jessica P.
  • Your presentation today was spot on. Thank you for the informative and well-prepared presentation.

    Rich B.
  • I had a lot of fun in this class over the semester and feel very enlightened. Thank you for creating such an enriching class.

    Beth S.
  • On a side note, thank you for teaching this semester at the College of Law, I thought it was very valuable experience. Taking your class made me aware of many issues about race that I had not thought about before. I hope you enjoyed teaching the class as much as I did learning from it, and I think the law school would be thrilled to have you teach again! Stay in touch.

    Devin B.
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for class this semester. Race and American Law has been a favorite and certainly the most important course I have taken in my academic career. I came into the semester feeling unsure about what I wanted to do with my career as an attorney. I have been teetering for a long time between my passions for criminal defense and civil rights, and areas of law that are supposed to be more lucrative, such as estate planning. The discussions and readings throughout the semester reminded me of why I came to law school in the first place; to use my privilege, advantages, and skills to serve those who have never had such advantages. The opportunity to learn, discuss, and build a greater understanding of the topics we covered in class was truly a gift. It has allowed me to build a scaffold under which I can continue to learn and collect more information, and I know I will be a better attorney for it.

    Ashley J.
  • I want to say thank you for an amazing semester. I enjoyed every single class. You were so open to all of our perspectives and helped us challenge every thought we have and how it might impact those around us. I hope you get the opportunity to teach similar classes in the future because I would definitely take them.

    Mariah T.
  •  I would like to thank Professor RaShya (Cunningham) Ghee for teaching this paradigm shattering course. Having the opportunity to engage with both topical and historic material regarding Race and American Law has been one of the most meaningful law school experiences. Truly safe spaces to discuss America’s problematic sociohistorical and legal relationship with race are hard to find. Professor Ghee, however, has cultivated such a space in her classroom by facilitating challenging discussions while maintaining the need to substantiate arguments under a legal framework. Having the ability to relate legal theory, case law, and statutory/textual analysis to the current social and political zeitgeist, Professor Ghee has found a way to simultaneously personalize and generalize, perspectives that often run afoul one another.

    Brian S.

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