Thank you so much for this course. I've worked in social justice spaces for years and done many racial equity trainings and this was, hands down, the best one I've attended. Thank you for facilitating our growth in consciousness and all the work you continue to do!
Alexis C. -2021
This series is phenomenal. Overwhelming and gut wrenching at times but phenomenal. Thank you to Ra'Shya and everyone involved in putting this together and making it available. I am humbled.
S. Whitaker- 2021
Thank you so much for sponsoring Beyond Colorblindness. Ra'Shya's presentations were spellbinding and perhaps never more timely. This was without a doubt the best CLE course I have taken in my 35 years of legal practice.
Charles H. 2021
Hi Ra'Shya! I thank you in my mind multiple times a week, so I figured it's time to reach out & thank you directly. Your breadth of knowledge of both history & the law (along with your flawless delivery of this information) is educating many. I am grateful that you're helping me be a better person & better citizen.
Irina G.
I noticed that your presentation was not based on emotion but facts. That made it much easier to hear truth and understand the history and how it extends to modern times. If this is how it were taught more often I think the reality of history, slavery, and racism would open more people’s eyes, hearts, and minds.
Wendy B.
I agree. This is the first racial conversation that did not evoke the defensive triggers that so many of these conversations have. I am hungry for understanding and education.
Kathy Y.
Ms. RaShya grasped my full undivided attention the entire time. Well put together and extremely informative. I walked away with more knowledge and a greater understanding.
training participant from a social services organization in Toledo, Ohio
Thank you for everything. You are an amazing teacher, I learned so much. I do want you to know that I think you are brilliant too. You are so passionate about this subject and it is an honor to be in your class. I am learning so much.
Denise K.
Your presentation today was spot on. Thank you for the informative and well-prepared presentation.
Rich B.
Taking your class made me aware of many issues about race that I had not thought about before. I hope you enjoyed teaching the class as much as I did learning from it, and I think the law school would be thrilled to have you teach again! Stay in touch.
Devin B.
I want to say thank you for an amazing semester. I enjoyed every single class. You were so open to all of our perspectives and helped us challenge every thought we have and how it might impact those around us.
Mariah T.
I really enjoyed your class this semester and have arguably learned more through this class than any other while in law school.
Matt B.
Ra’Shya!! I didn’t get a chance to say hi and tell you how amazing and dope you are and that panel was amazing! This training needs to be mandatory for all conference participants.
Jessica P.
This training was worth the whole conference. Very informative, prepared, and concise. Thank you for this conversation.
Mansi P.
The opportunity to learn, discuss, and build a greater understanding of the topics we covered in class was truly a gift. It has allowed me to build a scaffolding under which I can continue to learn and collect more information, and I know I will be a better attorney for it.
Ashley J.
Having the ability to relate legal theory, case law, and statutory/textual analysis to the current social and political zeitgeist, Professor Ghee has found a way to simultaneously personalize and generalize, perspectives that often run afoul one another.
Brian S.