Unsure about where to start educating away the racism that America has ingrained into our DNA? These tools are resource rich resources that facilitate critical reflection of assumptions you probably didn’t even realize you made. They tackle criminal justice, the Black experience in America, and so much more. If you’re open to it, this literature could be the start of a beautifully evolving you. Consider, if you get the chance, LISTENING to “Between The World & Me” and “Just Mercy”! Hearing the words read by Ta-Nehisi & Bryan is SO rewarding…also those two were my favs. Between The World & Me was the first time I felt seen in literature. I invite you to message me (either here or on one of my social media platforms) with resources you think can add to this list! 

The Aspiring Anti-Racist Book List:

  1. Between The World And Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates 
  2. White Fragility By Robin Diangelo
  3. Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson
  4. White Rage By Carol Anderson
  5. The Color of Law By Richard Rothstein
  6. Slavery By Another Name By Douglas Blackmon
  7. Been In The Storm So Long By Leon Litwack
  8. Remembering Slavery Edited By Ira Berlin, Marc Favreau, & Steven F. Miller
  9. Talking To Strangers By Malcolm Gladwell
  10. The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander
  11. Push Out By Monique Morris
  12. How To Be An Anti-Racist By Ibram X. Kendi
  13. Stamped By Ibram X. Kendi
  14. The Half Has Never Been Told By Edward Baptist
  15. Are Prisons Obsolete? By Angela Davis
  16. When Affirmative Action Was White By Ira Katz Nelson 
  17. In The Courts of The Conqueror By Walter R. Echo-Hawk
  18. Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together By Beverly D. Tatum
  19. The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin 
  20. White American Youth By Christian Picciolini 
  21. Race Against Time By Jerry Mitchell 
  22. A Colony In A Nation By Chris Hayes
  23. Doing Justice By Preet Bahara 
  24. They Were Her Property By Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers
  25. The History of White People By Nell Irvin Painter
  26. We Were Eight Years In Power By Ta-Nehisi Coates
  27. The Man-Not By Tommy Curry
  28. Race Matters By Cornel West
  29. The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois
  30. Barracoon By Zora Neale Hurston
  31. Rights Talk By Mary Ann Glendon
  32. The Alchemy of Race & Rights By Patricia J. Williams
  33. Killing the Black Body By Dorothy Roberts
  34. Fatal Invention By Dorothy Roberts
  35. The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander


The Aspiring Anti-Racist Documentary List:

  1. 13th On Netflix
  2. Slavery By Another Name on PBS
  3. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome on Youtube
  4.  I Am Not Your Negro on Amazon Prime
  5. The Kalief Browder Story on Netflix
  6. Traces of The Trade 
  7. Crime and Punishment on Hulu

The Aspiring Anti-Racist Podcast List:

1. White Lies on NPR
2. Serial Season 3
3. Code Switch on NPR
4. The NYT 1619 
5. Yo, Is This Racist?
6. Pod Save The People with DeRay
7. Seeing White
8. Higher Learning
9. The Breakdown

The Aspiring Anti-Racist Article List (each item is hyperlink):

The Aspiring Anti-Racist Digital and Physical Spaces:

1. The Great Unlearn
2. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
3. The Whitney Plantation
4. National Museum of African American History and Culture
5. Jim Crow Museum

The Aspiring Anti-Racist Fiction Collection:

1. The Water Dancer
2. The Bluest Eye
4. Broken Earth Trilogy
5. Marvel’s Black Panther
6. Mississippi Burning